Garlands 1906

Garlands 1906

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Family and Community History Article

Just a quick update on my progress with my research into the Garlands Asylum.
Sorry I have not posted to this blog in a while, I have been busy in the archives, writing the initial chapters of my PhD and attending some interesting conferences.
I have also had my first academic article accepted and published in the latest edition of the Family and Community History journal. To access the journal follow the link below. Access is free through a university or similar institution, without this there is a fee to access the journal.

'An Undiscovered Victorian Institution of Care: A Short Introduction to the Cumberland and Westmorland Joint Lunatic Asylum':

The article is a brief flavour of what my PhD will aim to address. Any questions or queries you may have about the asylum or my research please do not hesitate to contact me on

I have helped several people to trace their ancestors in the Garlands Asylum, if you would like me to this for you please contact me at the email above.

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